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You never know what you will find in a toy store. In The Toy Store - EPUB F/F Lesbian Romance Seduction Erotica EPUB EBook..

She laughed again, and I noticed for the first time how pretty her laughter was. I took a better look at her, seeing her small, heart-shaped face, her sparkling green eyes, her blond spiky hair, her small breasts. She was dressed as if she worked in a children's toy store, wearing denim shorts and a bright yellow T-shirt, and her name was printed neatly on a red name tag, in bold letters: MARI.

She glanced up suddenly and caught me staring at her, and though I hadn't thought it possible, my face flushed even more. But she smiled at me, and I felt more at ease. I glanced down to see what she had been studying. She had pulled another box off the shelf, and I read the label slowly.

"This is the biggest one we carry," she said, "Twelve inches long and almost four inches wide. I've tried it but.... I could hardly get it in at all."

"I'd sure like to try," I said honestly, and she giggled. Then I giggled, too, wondering at my lucidity with this stranger.

"Well, let's go in the back and you can try this on," she said, gesturing to the hanger which held the negligee.

"Ok then," I said, following her to the door at the back. For the first time I heard voices coming from the front and I saw that a young man was behind the counter, speaking in apologetic tones as he explained to an irate customer that while they did not carry pornographic videos, he would be happy to give him directions to a store that did.

"Is that your boss?" I asked Mari as I followed her into the small back room.

"Yes, sort-of," she said. "He's my boyfriend, he owns the store. I work here on weekends, I go to school during the week."

"Oh?" I asked idly as she shut and locked the door and I began unlacing my sandals, "What are you studying?"

So we continued to discuss school as I undressed, and I never noticed that her eyes were following my hands until I reached behind me to undo the clasp of my bra. My hands faltered as I gazed at her. She was staring intently at my breasts, waiting, it seemed, to see them uncovered. When she realized that I had stopped, her gaze flew up to meet mine, and her cheeks flushed quickly.

"I'm sorry," she said quickly, rising to her feet. "I'll wait outside."

"No, no," I said, not believing it as the words passed my lips. "You don't have to go." She nodded slowly and sank back down into her chair, eyes remaining locked with mine until I again reached behind me for the clasp, when her eyes flew to my breasts again, almost helplessly, I thought.

As my bra fell to the floor to land on top of the rest of my clothes she shivered, drawing breath as if in desperation.

I reached to pull the lovely satin garment off of its hanger, but my hand was intercepted by hers. "Let me," she whispered, and my arms dropped to my sides.

Carefully she pulled it down over my head, guiding my arms through the armholes and smoothing the material over my skin, over my sides, my stomach, and finally over my breasts. As the tips of her fingers just grazed my nipples, I drew in a shallow breath. "Mari," I said, my voice sounding strangled to me.

"Look," she said, grasping my shoulder and turning me so that I now faced the mirror, and I noticed that her breath was as shallow and uneven as my own. When I looked at myself in the mirror, I drew in another breath. The black satin hung over my body like a second skin, tight over my breasts and stomach and falling loosely over my hips and thighs. Like this book? Read online this: MAGICAL BREASTS OF BRITNEY SPEARS, THE, Best Lesbian Erotica 1998.

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