In the Boom Boom Room

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What happens when a male author not only includes major female characters in a work, but tries to capture something of an all- EPUBfemale world?
And further, what should we say when the raison d'etre of she (le main) is to be cornered into these awful gender dynamics, the victim of physical and psychological hate crimes?
For that is how it is, no?
I do not know —- Maybe he has understood something about the fear, THE SCOURGE OF WOMANHOOD, and, shall I suggest it, SOMETHING UNIVERSAL?
Maybe he has even written in a convincing voice, the way an uneducated woman would talk and think —-
But, I read this a couple weeks ago, and the only thing that's sticking in my mind are the stage directions at the end of the play, and the parade of men invading her bathroom. In the Boom Boom Room EPUB EBook
That being said, any text-on-a-pg that can make me feel sick gets at least 3 stars, the LJ seal of approval.
I will refrain from attempting to make any connection between this woman and "Tanya" in "The Black Monk" — for everyone's sake. Like this book? Read online this: Her Journey - BDSM Male Dominant, Female Submissive, Ta-Ra-Ra-Boom-De-Ay.

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