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I enjoyed this book. In Schools We Trust EPUB EBookMuch of what she said seemed sensible to me — that trust and accountability can't, in the end, be legislated, but are to be found in relationships and the particularities of individual people.

Favorite passages:

This articulated one of my own fundamental difficulties with taking my first child to public school.We visited (as we were trying to decide whether to go to private school instead) but were repeatedly asked at the public school why we wanted to visit.It was so I could answer the question:"Am I comfortable leaving my child here?":

"At Mission Hill we insist that parents visit before they make any final decision, alhtough teh citywide mandatory choice system does not require this.Why?So they can look at our classrooms and ask, am I comfortable leaving my kid in this place?It's a question not of agreeing with everything we do, I tell them, but of feeling safe with our making important decisions . . . What I offer as a teacher, after all, is not just an acceptable babysitting expereince but rather, like my doctor, professional expertise.What kind of evidence of my trustworthiness can parents legitimately demand?What kinds of questions are they entitled to have answers to?How should parents balance trust and skepticism?"

"One might wish all third graders could read the Harry Potter books; download; but is this goal reasonable?. . . . reading the Californa art standards for kindergarten, one is inclined to think that test makers had in mind the scope and sequence for a postdoctoral program in the arts."

In regard to standards and standardized tests, she references Fairtest Like this book? Read online this: Marital Relationship of Parents and the Emotionally Disturbed Child, Just Schools.

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