In Love with a Gentleman

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This book is not about the road to true love as the summary so nicely puts it. In Love with a Gentleman EPUB EBook This a book that takes a highly spirited lead character and reduces her to a shell of her former self through verbal abuse and continual put downs. The bulk of the book is her debasement. Finally, the author decides to put the reader out of their misery and inputs her slow journey to discover that they are simply not meant to be. Not that she deserves better, not that she was in love with a controlling emotionally abusive man. No, she never falls out of love with the horrible character Ethan, rather deciding that she shouldn't have to change. Does the character find love? Eventually, yes, but unfortunately or fortunately, depending on your perspective, we are not treated to that story just an epilogue that attempts to tie the story up in a pretty bow. Wouldn't waste your time with this unless you're into reading about other people being made to feel horrible about themselves. Like this book? Read online this: The Crossing/Kinds of Love/The Antagonists/Love Story/Another Part of the House (Condensed Books, Vol 84-Winter), Not Quite a Gentleman.

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