Immortality is the Suck (Adam & Peter, #1)

EPUB EBook by A.M. Riley

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Adam's an undercover vice cop dealing with a dark past. Immortality is the Suck (Adam & download; Peter, #1) EPUB EBook He's no stranger to bad nights; in fact, he's lived a lot of them. But he won't survive this one. First, a drug deal he's working goes south. Then his partner and sometimes sex partner Peter has to watch him bleed to death. But the kicker: he's not sure what's worse. Watching Peter cry over him or waking up undead.

Peter's a good cop in love with a bad man. Or a bad vampire, now. Watching Adam die was the worst thing he could imagine. Until he woke up. Now their relationship's in crisis. Adam's in the middle of a vampire enclave at the center of Los Angeles motorcycle clubs and Peter just can't hack it.

Adam thinks he's fine with that. He's a commitment- EPUBphobe. But he's about to discover, immortality is seriously the suck. Like this book? Read online this: Peter and the Changeling (Peter and the Monsters #3), Peter and the Ninja (Peter and the Monsters #22).

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