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"This amazing story is marvelously well told, in an exuberant, racing style that makes it impossible to lay the book aside once the first page is read. Ill Met By Moonlight EPUB EBook" —San Francisco Chronicle

Ill Met By Moonlight is the gripping account of the audacious World War II abduction of a German general from the island of Crete. British special forces officers W. Stanley Moss and Patrick Leigh Fermor, together with a small band of Cretan partisans, kidnapped the general, then evaded numerous German checkpoints and patrols for nearly three weeks as they maneuvered across the mountainous island to a rendezvous with the boat that finally whisked them away to Allied headquarters in Cairo.

"It was a mad adventure, and it came off. Moss recorded the whole escapade in a diary, which survives as a thrilling account of one of the most reckless and dramatic actions of the war." —Patrick Leigh Fermor

"A twin masterpiece of action and narrative." —Spectator

"[An] exciting account of a feat which demanded an extreme of daring and determination." —London Times

The 2011 Paul Dry Books edition includes an Afterword by Patrick Leigh Fermor.

W. Stanley Moss was a World War II hero and later a best- EPUBselling author. He traveled extensively after the war, notably to Antarctica with a British Antarctic Expedition. Eventually he settled in Kingston, Jamaica. Like this book? Read online this: My Balkan tour; an account of some journeyings and adventures in the Near East, together with a descriptive and historical account of Bosnia & Herzegovina, Dalmatia, Croatia & the Kingdom of Montenegro, The Moonlight.

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