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This was a pretty cool book, written by Sam Harrison. Ideaspotting EPUB EBookA cross between one of those Hallmark books with their inspirational aphorisms, a new age- EPUBy self-help book, and a DIY crash course in how to make your ideas and projects better.It was highly designed mixing heavy graphics with bite-sized bullet points on how to find ideas and how to capitalize on them.Everything was streamlined and nothing felt repetitive or unnecessary.It just kept slamming the reader with you-can-do it success story after you-can-do it success story.

Most of the things are pretty basic (explore, listen, take notes, etc.), but it has a nice style and really makes you feel like it believes in you.It also features quotes from writers, baseball players, chemists and musicians to drive its points home.Also, while it seems aimed at the creative community, really anyone could benefit from a lot of the advice.Like for instance the section on the Listening Sins.I know I've been guilty of a few of those.It also tells you to look outside of your field for advice on how to make what you are doing better, fresher.And all in bite-sized nuggets.
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