I Won't Learn from You!

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I enjoyed reading this piece in graduate school at Gonzaga University's Department of Education more than 11 years ago. I Won't Learn from You! EPUB EBookRereading it today after recommending it to a colleague was a refreshing reminder of one of the little understood teaching battlefields: the will of the student who refuses to learn from you.Mr Kohl, a graduate of my high school, The Bronx HS of Science, then Harvard followed by a graduate degree from Columbia University's Teachers College depicts the problem well."I am just beginning to understand the importance of not- EPUBlearning in the lives of children, and I urge other people to think and write about roads people chose to
not-travel and how those choices define character and influence destiny.
In rethinking my teaching experience in the light of not-learning, I realize that many youngsters who ask impertinent questions, listen to their teachers in order to contradict them, and do not take homework or tests seriously are practiced not-learners.The quieter not-learners sit sullenly in class, daydreaming and shitting out the sound of their teacher's voice.They sometimes fall off their chairs or throw things across the room or resort to other strategies of disruption.Some push things so far that they get put in special classes or thrown out of school.In all of these cases the youngsters' minds are never engaged in learning what the teacher is trying to teach.On that level no failure is possible since there has been no attempt to learn.It is common to consider such students dumb or psychologically disturbed.Conscious, willful refusal of schooling for political or cultural reasons is not acknowledged as an appropriate response to oppressive education.Since students have no way to legitimately criticize the schooling they are subjected to or the people they are required to learn from, resistance and rebellion is stigmatized.The system's problem becomes the victim's problem.. . . Until we learn to distinguish not-learning from failure and to respect the truth behind this massive rejection of schooling by students from poor and oppressed communities, we will not be able to solve the major problems of education in the United States today." Like this book? Read online this: Interactive Videoconferencing and Collaborative Learning for K-12 Students and Teachers, Learn Something New Every Day.

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