How To Survive A Man Made Disaster

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The art of surviving a civil breakdown situation hinges upon your preparation before martial law or social chaos erupts, and the specific actions you take in the face of danger. How To Survive A Man Made Disaster EPUB EBook

Specifically, you must have a practical and workable plan of action to protect yourself, your family, and your property. I want to give you an insider’s look at what happens in a crisis, and how to survive when the chips are down and organized gangs or shock troops roam the streets.

We’ve all seen the impact of localized terror at the World Trade Center; download; the human impact of natural disasters and poor government planning following Hurricane Katrina, and the chaos and violence of rioting in the streets of Los Angeles. Now, imagine this chaos on a national scale.

In this book I discuss the four key elements to surviving social upheaval when others are dying due to lack of shelter, food, water, and security. Intelligent disaster preparedness is something you can do. You do not need a mountain hideout, a ton of money or supplies, or a truckload of guns and ammo.

What you do need is a plan of action, coupled with the will to survive and a minimal cache of food and supplies.

How To Survive A Man Made Disaster: Surviving Martial Law, Social Chaos, Economic Turmoil, And Terrorism In An Angry World contains approximately 20,000 words. Like this book? Read online this: Chaos and Governance in the Modern World System, Will to Survive.

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