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This simplistic book belongs in the children's section of the library—it's written like those biographies you read when you were a kid, telling you all the great things about someone and ignoring anything negative. How To Be Like Rich De Vos EPUB EBook I've never read a more lop- EPUBsided book because there is nothing (literally nothing) negative said about this man in 300 pages, and that means it's can't be true. You don't become one of the richest men in America, heading a company that is filled with pushy salespeople that make money in an almost pyramid-scheme way, by living a perfect life. And this book makes DeVos sound perfect.

Part of the problem is DeVos himself. He is filled with cliches and claims humility by flying people on his private jets. If all of us had his money we could do some of the "generous" things he does as well. How he made his money is off selling people things they didn't necessarily need, then training others to sell people things they might not need so that he can make more income.

Another part of the problem is Williams, the author. He doesn't write as much as spout hyperbole, acting like a cheerleader for his boss. Give Williams a raise because he made his boss look perfect—but don't look to this book as a great read.

There are a few interesting stories and the fact that DeVos stands up for his Christian faith is admirable. Now we need a real, human version of DeVos to step down from the throne and show us his negatives, to give us real insight into tough decisions, failures, and how he made them. This book may inspire those looking for a fantasy superhero, but for those of us that want a real struggling human being we won't find it in these pages. Like this book? Read online this: How to Budget (How to Be Successful, Make Money, and Design Your Life Book 3), Hot, Rich and Dominant 3 - Collars and Dollars (Hot, Rich and Dominant, #3).

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