How They Started

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Lots of us have ideas we think would make great businesses. How They Started EPUB EBook Most of us never do anything with those ideas, perhaps because we're not confident that our ideas will really work or we simply do not know where to start. But for those that do, a world of opportunity awaits them. This book is about 25 people who acted on their idea, made the first steps to start their business and subsequently went on to turn it into a globally successful brand. From Apple and KFC to Google and Hilton, we reveal how some of the world's biggest businesses got of the ground, and those very first steps taken by their founders. What is it that made these entrepreneurs succeed? Our research reveals how each of them overcame the immediate, daunting hurdles they faced and turned their idea into a powerful business known all over the world. Could you do the same? Like this book? Read online this: Small World Big Ideas, How It All Got Started.

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