How the Gospel Brings Us All the Way Home

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Romans 8 has to be my favorite chapter in the Bible. How the Gospel Brings Us All the Way Home EPUB EBook I find myself frequently returning to the chapter and soaking in the truths that are present. Yet, if I am honest, Paul's logic can often be hard to follow. Paul quickly moves topics while building on the framework in he laid in previous verses and chapters. When I got the chance to walk through the text with a pastor and scholar who has studied the text over his lifetime, I could not wait to dive in.

In his book, How The Gospel Brings Us All The Way Home, Derek Thomas engages the reader's heart and mind as he not only exposits the chapter but guides the reader through Paul's logical flow. The book itself, follows Paul's thought process as it captures the key themes in Romans 8. Broken up into 11 chapters, Thomas presents a devotional commentary that is rich in truth and application. What started as a series of sermons is now a book and a tremendous one at that. Every believer should pick this up and learn from Thomas.

Here is what I enjoyed.

Thomas frequently pointed me back to Jesus. Chapter after chapter, Thomas brought me back to Jesus. Whether it was his commentary or illustrations, he stirred my affections for Christ.

Thomas used excellent illustrations to help illustrate the application of the text. Whether it was quotes, stories, or poems, the reader can quickly see the application presented. When reflecting on spiritual mindedness, Thomas gives us this story:

In 1631, the Covenanter Robert Bruce (1554–1631) was sentenced to death for preaching the gospel. On the morning of his execution, his daughter cooked him an egg for breakfast. It was his request. (Who cares about his cholesterol level when he is about to die?) It was so nice, he said, that he almost asked his daughter to cook him another one. Then he paused and said to her, “I breakfasted with you this morning; download; I’ll have supper with Jesus tonight.” (38- EPUB39)

Thomas also reflects on Jesus as our intercessor. He reflects on what Jesus might be saying to the father.
What does Jesus say to the Father? Perhaps something like this: “This one whom Satan is accusing is Mine. You gave him to Me before the foundation of the world. He’s Mine. I died for him. I shed My blood for this one. I bore the wrath for him. I did it all—everything. Now, Father, help him in his struggles. Send the Holy Spirit to encourage him. Give him victory over his sins. Remind him of what I have done and give him peace." (127)

Lastly, Thomas brings the reader to a deeper understanding to the text. Thomas not only engaged my heart and affections, he engaged my mind as well. I think it is rare to find a writer that can do both. This is why I haven't chosen to call it a devotional commentary. He digs into the text and uncovers the truth in it. He presents truths for every person. You don't need to know Greek or Hebrew. It is not a technical treatment of the text. Rather, in a simple way, Thomas presents not-so-simple truth.

I believe that any Christian would benefit greatly from reading this book. The Gospel really does bring us all the way home. Our Triune God not only saves us, He sanctifies and glorifies us as well. Maybe you have been looking for a book that engages your heart and mind. Pick this one up and learn from Thomas as he takes you through Romans 8.

I received this book free from Reformation Trust Publishers. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. Like this book? Read online this: Thomas Mann and Friedrich Nietzsche.Eroticism, Death, Music, and Laughter. (Value Inquiry Book Series 85), The Genius of the Fourth Gospel, The Gospel of St. John Exegetically and Pratically Considered, Cont.

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