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Although Americans like to believe that they live in a classless society, Stanley Aronowitz demonstrates that class remains a potent force. How Class Works EPUB EBook Defining class as the power of social groups to make a difference, he explains that social groups such as labor movements, environmental activists, and feminists become classes when they make demands that change the course of history.
“With How Class Works Aronowitz puts the subject of social class squarely on the intellectual agenda—though in a new, inclusive, and dynamic form. Like his influential False Promises, How Class Works is both intellectually exciting and morally challenging.”—Barbara Ehrenreich
“In How Class Works Aronowitz argues for the enduring vitality of the concept of social class as a way of understanding social relations. This is a significant contribution to social theory, an argument certain to be widely considered, debated, and tested.”—George Lipsitz, author of American Studies in a Moment of Danger
“An intellectually captivating book on a topic that remains as timely and significant as ever.”—Howard Kimeldorf, University of Michigan Like this book? Read online this: A Class Apart (Class Heroes, #1), Aspects of the Theory of Tariffs (Collected Works of Harry Johnson) (Collected Works of Harry Johnson): Volume 5 (Collected Works of Harry G. Johnson).

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