How Babies Talk

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Did you know that a fetus can distinguish between similar sounds? Or that a four- EPUBmonth-old can recognize her name? The culmination of years of research, How Babies Talk explains exactly how babies learn language in their first three years of life. How Babies Talk EPUB EBook This accessible guide for parents outlines the milestones babies reach and how parents can help their babies reach them. It shows what they can do to facilitate the language learning process, how to use simple at-home tests to measure their child's progress, and what warning signs might indicate a problem. Few books have explored the incredible feat of learning language in such fascinating detail, and no other authors are as well qualified to explain it. A critical contribution to the literature of parenting and child development, How Babies Talk will serve as the premier language facilitator for generations to come. Like this book? Read online this: The Behavioral Development of Free-Living Chimpanzee Babies and Infants, Girl Talk...God Talk.

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