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I eagerly hunted down HotB at GenCon '08. Houses of the Blooded EPUB EBook John Wick personally handed me my copy, and even gave me a discount for acting like a fanboy based purely on all the gushing I'd heard on the podosphere leading up the con about it.

I took it home and read it cover to cover.

The fluff is gorgeous, as another reviewer said. It's a bit indulgent, even.

Unfortunately, the game itself is so cheek- EPUBto-jowl with the fluff that it's not always clear what's what.

Also, the game, contrary to what I'd been lead to believe by interviews with Mr. Wick and others who had played it, looks absolutely terrifying to run. And that's assuming I had a step by step manual extricated from the massive volume of text itself.

Before it came out, I heard about this game almost every week from somewhere- a podcast, an interview, a pre-review, a playtest.

Since it came out? I haven't heard word one.

What does that mean?

*EDIT 4/25/09*
So, I've been hearing a bit about the game again. I'm still interested in it. I'd like to play, although I don't think I'd ever run it- in the same way that I'd like to play any of Luke Crane's Burning (Whatever) games, but would never run them. Too much crunch for me in both cases.

The LARP version John Wick is working on does sound clever, though. I'm watching his blog for more info on that.

Also, I just listened to some Brits play a short "season" of the game. I'm not sure whether it reassured me or intimidated me further. Hmm.
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