Honored Son (Tides of War #5)

EPUB EBook by Shawn Weaver

EBook Description

As war continues to rage on the shores of the Oak Barrel River, Lord Jason Tolbridge along with his band of wayward souls are thrust into a deadly game of cat and mouse. Honored Son (Tides of War #5) EPUB EBook Knowing that the fate of the world rests on their shoulders, Jason sets out to stop the demons trying to destroy the capital of Ishtabar. While the rest rush to the aid of the Halfling, Tyree Loveland, and the red dragon he had sworn to protect.
The weary troop quickly finds themselves at the foothold of the Kin- EPUBMarrow Mountains and the Temple of Shall-Marr. The peaceful ale brewing monks that dwell within the temples are unaware of the danger that swells in the lava flow beneath them, though they will soon find out if our weary band cannot save Tyree from the evil that is determined to grow an unstoppable army. An army of red dragons under the control of the woman with only one goal in mind the death of Jason Tolbridge. Like this book? Read online this: Jason's Quest, Tides of Honour.

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