Historians of Economics and Economic Thought

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The history of economic thought has always attracted some of the brightest minds within the discipline as a whole. Historians of Economics and Economic Thought EPUB EBook These chroniclers of the discipline's development have helped form our view of it, and it is no surprise that many among them have been at the forefront of new movements in the history of ideas. This collection summarizes the work of these key historians of economics and attempts to quantify their impact. Some of these writers such as Friedrich Hayek and Joan Robinson are already assured of their place among the greatest economists of the twentieth century, while the collection also stresses the influence of those still active in shaping our perceptions - EPUB the likes of Mark Blaug, Samuel Hollander and Donald Winch. The collection is authored by an impressive list of contributors, many of whom are themselves well-known in the history of economic thought. These include John Creedy, Roger Blackhouse and Neil De Marchi, as well as the editors of the collection as a whole, Warren J. Samuels and Steven Medema. Like this book? Read online this: Research in the History of Economic Thought and Methodology, Volume 26B, Handbook of the History of Economic Thought.

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