His One Desire (His Every Whim, #2)

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This is the second installment of the series. His One Desire (His Every Whim, #2) EPUB EBook I give it 3 1/2 stars. Xander fires Ashley as his house manager can be near her any longer and pushes her away but he gets her a job with his best friend Drake. But Drake does not need a assistant he needs a pretend girlfriend. Xander becomes jealous and Drake finds out that Xander and Ashley love one another so he puts a plan into motion. Xander can not believe Ashley went from one billionaire to another. His jealously takes root. I love the story between Xander and Ashley but it went to fast and was not fleshy enough for me. Still good though. This story ends withXander and Ashley's story I don't want to go into detail to much it will give to much away, but it part 2 it also startswith Drake (Xander best friend from college) and Sammy's story. Drake can not take his eyes off the curvy red head woman something seems familiar about her. Sammy is Drake's nannys daughter that he had growing up. He could not stand the little girl who pestered him all the time. But she was not a little girl anymore. Sammy could not believe her luck that of all places she was catering she had to run into Drake. Sammy thought Drake was a selfish, egotistical bastard. She could not believe she followed him around like a love sick puppy. And all the women he sleeps with she used to think and wonder why he never tried with her but now she is glad she never became another notch on his belt. Going to have to read part 3 now to find out what happens with Drake and Sammy. Overall a pretty good read wish there was more to the stories wish they were a little longer and fleshier.. Like this book? Read online this: Lady of the Drake, Tainted Desire (Desire Series, #1).

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