Herbs for Health and Healing

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Herbs are serious medicine. Herbs for Health and Healing EPUB EBook Some herbs that regulate the body almost seem to have an inner intelligence, with the ability to perform many different functions, depending upon what the individual needs. Herbs are natural. They are far cheaper than most over- EPUBthe-counter and prescription drugs. They are also much less likely to cause side effects. Herbal therapy does not have to be mysterious or complicated. After reading this book, chances are you will be visiting a natural food store or your garden to get the herbal alternatives to the drugs you normally use. In fact, this book can serve as your stepping stone into natural healing.You'll discover in these pages that healing plants can bring more health and happiness into your life. What you will find in this book: practical information on using hundreds of herbs to cure disease; download; how to use herbs to banish pain; herbal treatments for colds, headache, high blood pressure and dozens of everyday health problems; how to boost immunity by using herbs; herbal relief for sinus pain; relief from hay fever and other allergies; how to improve digestion with herbs; herbal formulas for skin and hair care; safe herbal treatments for infants and children; and cooking tips for using healing herbs in daily meals. Like this book? Read online this: Herbal Healing for Children, Hmong American Concepts of Health, Healing, and Conventional Medicine.

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