Her Guardians Lost (Her Guardians Trilogy, #2)

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Cassie made her choice. Her Guardians Lost (Her Guardians Trilogy, #2) EPUB EBook

She was bound to him now…no going back, no way out. But what happened when your fate relied on remembering something you were destined to forget?

When Cassie woke up in the hospital, Michael was there and holding her hand, just like he always did. He was desperate to know what she was thinking, and what she finally felt. However, when a visitor turned up at the hospital, it sent Cassie into a tailspin. Simeon, Stephen’s twin brother, was in town and wasn’t prepared to leave. His looks confused and agitated her.

That, combined with other news, forced Cassie to leave the hospital to try and find solace in her little tiny apartment. She was broken and bruised, but was determined to fight. Determined to carry on with her life after the devastation that one fateful night had caused.

But life, as always, played that unsuspecting game of cat- EPUBand-mouse. Cassie dreamed of children, hearing a voice she knew was hers, but didn’t sound like her. She was consumed with a dying need to get to the truth…but what truth that was, she had no idea.

Along with her quest to find out who she was, Cassie helped the one person who had been a constant in her life since the day she stepped into his office. With her help, Simon uncovered the truth about his sister’s disappearance with the most shocking outcome imaginable. However, Cassie was in turmoil. She offered to help, but she was tired. Tired of all the ugliness that the world contained. Tired of keeping on that happy face so that people didn’t realise she was dying inside.

On her quest for the truth, she found out the most shocking secret that had kept her apart from the one person who breathed life into her.

With this horrifying revelation, Cassie was placed in danger. Could she overcome her peril? Could she finally find the ultimate truth that would not only shock her, but would cause the most climatic outcome in her world of angels? Like this book? Read online this: Blutrot (Cassie Palmer 1 & 2), Guardians of Being.

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