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Heidi's Ten Life Enriching Lessons for Grownups:

I normally read children's books during Christmastime. Heidi EPUB EBook Not only to catch up with my Reading Challenge (I am behind by 10 books as of this writing), but also, most of children's books have life lessons that can be good reminders for the coming year. New Year always means new beginning, new hope. Do you remember when you were still in school and after reading a story in class, the teacher asked you what was the lessons you learned from it? So, in this year's series of children's books, I will try to list the ten lessons I was reminded while reading a certain book.

1) Prayer is powerful. Sometimes we feel helpless and all we have left is to pray. Sometimes God does not give what we ask for because it may not be good for us yet or there is something else, a better one, that He will give us.

2) Nature was once a sight to behold. Never been to Swiss Alps, the setting of this novel but one of my favorite movies is "The Sound of Music" and that opening scene where Maria is singing on top of the mountain is gloriously beautiful. With the global warming and the continuous degradation of forests worldwide, I wonder how that mountain looks like now.

3) Your conscience can haunt you. The goat shepherd boy, Peter, did something unforgivable and "the little man" inside him haunts him that he could not eat, sleep and he becomes suspicious of all men who go up to the mountain as he thinks his uncle will give him in to the police. Until he decides to tell the truth. In this world of chaos, full of deceits and treachery, it is nice to be reminded that no alibis or justifications can cover up misdeeds and injustices. We should all come clean and the sooner the better.

4) Nothing compares to doing good deeds. These all sound like motherhood statements and pies in the sky. Cliches. However, Heidi has nothing in her heart but to love her grandfather, grandmother, Peter, Clara and all the characters in the book. In the end, she becomes happy. If only life is as simple as this. However, we all know that we reap what we sow, so why resist? It is better to be in the bright, happy side.

5) Fresh air, fresh food, clean water, happiness galore. Most sickness are psychological. Most diseases are caused by the environment. Pollution. Too much stress. Processed food. Fast food. Clara, the invalid, gets well when she stays with her positive friend Heidi atop the mountain. This part reminded me of the boy in The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett. But this book, Heidi was first published in 1880 and The Secret Garden in 1910 so this must be the original.

6) Children can be wiser than grownups. This is a much- EPUBused plot in children's books but still holds true. We grownups, we parents, have many things to learn from our children. If you are a parent, you know this. No debates.

7) Goats can be endearing. My mother and father love dogs, cats, fowls, birds, monkeys, etc. So, when I was growing up in the province, our backyard was like a zoo. However, I did not know that goats can be nice to take care too. Goat meat is one of the favorites of some men here in Manila to go with their booze.

8) Don't resist change. Rather, embrace it. Heidi did not go back to the mountain to resist studying. Rather, she brings her writing materials and books to the mountain and study there with her friend Clara. She even teaches Peter to read.

9) Words can be powerful especially if the one who is sending it has the credibility. Heidi has not done a nasty thing in her life so when she speaks even the stubborn Peter pays attention. The grandmother's frail body and gloomy world suddenly bright up when Heidi is around.

10) Grumpy old men need young girls. No, I don't mean the dirty way. The grumpy hermit-like grandfather living alone on top of the mountain because he hates the world is convinced by Heidi to go back to the town. She has that very positive influence to everyone around her including his now-cynic grandfather.

Very positive novel. Said to be the one of the most-read most-loved ever book in Switzerland. This has been translated to 60 languages and read by all people around the world.

You are not well-read if you have not read this. (This sound like coming from my grumpy side, don't you think?) Like this book? Read online this: Strong Verbs Strong Voice, Heidi.

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