Heart of the Raven

EPUB EBook by Susan Crosby

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Heath Raven had secluded himself away from the world for years, but his self- EPUBimposed isolation had not stopped him from fathering a child. Heart of the Raven EPUB EBook Desperate to locate the missing newborn, he hired private investigator Cassie Miranda, a smart, sultry woman who fueled his long-denied desires.

Cassie tried to keep things between her and Heath strictly professional, but after she found his son she couldn't bear to leave their side. And soon they formed a unique family with a deeper connection neither had believed possible. Yet just as she was getting to the heart of the raven, a startling truth was revealed, one that could send Heath back to his cave...and cause Cassie a crushing heartbreak. Like this book? Read online this: Cassie, Ghosts and Gadgets - Raven Mysteries (The Raven Mysteries, #2).

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