Healing Mind, Healthy Woman

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An esteemed Harvard Medical School doctor who has developed relaxation methods designed to reduce stress and heal the body now applies those techniques to the seven health issues that most commonly affect women: PMS, infertility, difficult pregnancies, menopause, eating disorders, breast and gynecological cancers, and endometriosis/pelvic pain. Healing Mind, Healthy Woman EPUB EBook

Dr. Domar has created an integrated program of mainstream therapies combined with mind- EPUBbody relaxation techniques that works far better than either approach alone. Whether used to help women conceive, reduce both the physical and psychological symptoms of PMS, cut down on menopausal hot flashes, or improve self-esteem, Dr. Domar's methods are proven effective, and are now available to all women who want to use their minds to heal their bodies. Like this book? Read online this: Women's Mental Health in Africa (Women & Therapy, Vol. 10, #3), How to Stay Fit at Sixty - A Woman's Guide to Staying Healthy.

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