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"This book's going to raise a howl," promises Deacon Jones. Headslap EPUB EBook "You wait and see!"
From a small rural town in Florida to the NFL Hall of Fame, this is the story of Deacon's rise to the top of the heap in the National Football League. "Headslap" refers to the lightning move popularized by Jones in the early days of the game, when a player could rattle the cage (or at least the helmet) of a blocker by belting him alongside the head. And Deacon did this better than anyone in the game. They weren't jabs; download; they were full left hooks and right crosses. So devastating was this move that the League outlawed it. "Headslap" has a deeper meaning as well: it's the jarring feeling you get when you realize that things aren't always what they might seem to be. Like this book? Read online this: Richard Deacon, Understanding Social Exclusion.

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