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This book was part of my yoga teacher training curriculum so I bought it more out of necessity than desire. Hatha Yoga Illustrated EPUB EBook However, my 2- EPUByear-old daughter discovered it on my shelf one day and took instant possession of it. She absolutely LOVES this book. I can only imagine that her fascination comes from the full-color photos packed on every page and the fluid sequences at the end of the book. She is only a toddler, but is happy as can be following along with this yoga book and copying the asanas. (Under my supervision obviously...)

Anyway..this is a great book for what it is. A simple, illustrated breakdown of yoga asanas including the variations of each pose, and basic background info about it.

This is not a book about yoga theory, philosophy, or deepening one's practice beyond Hatha Yoga. Nonetheless, it would be a beneficial addition to the bookshelves of almost all yogis. Its a quality reference, manual, and general guide to asana. It would be especially excellent for future teachers, yoga beginners, and more visual-style learners. Like this book? Read online this: Astanga Yoga Travel Book, Darrin Zeer's Yoga Team Building for Kids (Yoga 4 Every Body!).

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