Happy Are the Merciful (Blackie Ryan, #4)

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ISBN 0515107263 - EPUB I'm probably prejudiced. Happy Are the Merciful (Blackie Ryan, #4) EPUB EBook Greeley - and Father Blackie - live in MY Chicago. There really are two; download; the one that you'll find in books by people who've never been here and the one that those who've lived here know. The difference is evident in little things, like the way Greeley refers to a Chicago neighborhood by it's current and former names while other authors do well to figure out where North, South and West Chicago begin and end.

Terry Scanlan comes to Father Blackie for help - Terry's managed to get a conviction in a high profile murder case and he's not happy about it. The adopted daughter of the wealthy Turners has been sentenced to die for killing the people who had taken her in as a young child. At first, she'd seemed guilty to him, and she had a sizable fortune as a motive. Still, the more time passed, the less guilty she seemed. Of course, falling in love with the accused didn't make it easier for Terry. Bishop Ryan loves a good locked-room mystery and can't resist "poking around". With a little supernatural guidance, the help of the North Wabash Avenue Irregulars and his own detective skills, Blackie Ryan has everything he needs - except time. Seems the person who set this whole thing in motion would like to put a very final end to it, and Blackie, before he can figure it out!

I love Father Blackie's books, and not only because of the Chicago connection. I like the happy and intelligent Ryan clan as a whole and have to laugh a little at all the swearing going on around, and by, the Most Reverend John Blackwood Ryan. The book does date itself a little, with a car phone (as opposed to cell phones) and the Compaq 386/20, but those are little and unimportant details. For a good mystery that won't melt your brain trying to keep you guessing, Greeley's always good.

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