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Paperback. Handbook of Neuropsychology EPUB EBook The enormous increase in interest in disorders of higher cortical functions and brain- EPUBbehavior relationships is exemplified by the success met so far by the first eight volumes of the series. The Handbook has become an essential reference source for clinicians such as neurologists, psychiatrists, and psychologists, as well as for scientists engaged in research in the neurosciences.This current volume includes a large section devoted to the frontal lobes. It includes historical developments, anatomy, neuroimaging, and neurological, neuropsychological and psychiatric correlates of frontal lobe functions. Chapters 2 and 3 by Petrides (research using Macaque and non-human primates) are unique in that it is the first time that the frontal lobes are depicted in this way.The second part of the volume deals with computational modelling and neuropsychology. It includes chapters that describe the various methods available for computationa Like this book? Read online this: Full Frontal, Handbook of Clinical Neuropsychology.

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