Hajiri's Pet (Midnight Rain #1)

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This book will be going out of contract with the listed publisher on February 28th of 2013. Hajiri's Pet (Midnight Rain #1) EPUB EBook

Please also note that due to ongoing illness Auburnimp was unable to complete the series. She is has officially retired from writing and the series will be finished by the setting's creator, Michael Barnette, following the story arc the authors originally created. It will be changing publishers. Watch for an update regarding this series on Michael's domain at: http://www.michaelbarnette.com

Hajiri is a zonewarrior. A former gunwhore who once sold his body for money, he’s looking for the job that will let him move up in the live and die world of the Shinjuku Containment Area.

A chance meeting outside a popular Shinjuku club leaves Hajiri in the possession of a corporate high roller’s battlepet. A young human/snow leopard cross genetically engineered to be the perfect sexual partner and bodyguard.

The last thing Hajiri needs is a complication in his life. But how can he turn away a person who had been tossed out like so much trash, especially when that man just saved his life?

Hajiri doesn’t want responsibility. What Hajiri gets is a lot more than he bargained for when the young man shows him what it means to be a battlepet’s Master.

Contains graphic sexual encounters between men, strong D/s themes, toys, spanking and violence. Like this book? Read online this: Second Chance at Perfect (Jersey Girls Contemporary Romance Series Book 2), The Marquis At Midnight (Midnight Masquerade, #1).

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