Greetings from Sandy Beach

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The parents in Bob Graham's books are usually loopy and lovable, and the Mum and Dad here are no exception. Greetings from Sandy Beach EPUB EBook The family holiday gets off to an inauspicious start, with Dad crying about leaving the dog, and younger brother Gerald throwing up in the car. Things appear to go downhill once at the campsite when the family realizes they are wedged between the Disciples of Death motorcycle gang and a group of rowdy school kids. Unlikely friendships form, and the narrator/daughter returns home with an Icy Pop stick, a souvenir shell, and fond memories.

This book proves the old adage that if you have to explain a joke, it isn't funny anymore. Although younger children might appreciate the obvious humor, such as Mum walking around with a toffee wrapper stuck to her backside, it is children in grades 2 through 4 who will most appreciate the subtle ironies and offbeat humor of the relationships between the central family and their beachfront neighbors. Greetings from Sandy Beach belongs more in the writing workshop than the reading workshop. Graham is a master at using just enough understated goofiness to provide humor without spilling over into total caricature. Students could easily follow Graham's example to write their own "twisted vacation" stories. Like this book? Read online this: Spanish humor in story and essay; a book of selections for class reading, Through the Tears (Sandy Cove #2).

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