Green Living for Dummies

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Want to do your part to reduce energy consumption, waste, and pollution; download; clean up the environment, and save the planet? "Green Living For Dummies" is packed with practical suggestions you can follow to make your lifestyle greener by doing as little damage as possible to the planet and the animal and plant life that depend on it. Green Living for Dummies EPUB EBookThis practical guide delivers an array of realistic practices and changes you can undertake to help the environment and create a better home for yourself and your loved ones. YouOCOll discover easy and innovative ways to make a difference by reducing energy use and waste, scaling back reliance on your car, and even making minor adjustments to your diet. YouOCOll also find how to live green at work and in your community, and youOCOll develop a deeper understanding of how these changes benefit both the environment and your own health and well- EPUBbeing! Discover how to: Go green graduallyMake eco-friendly home improvementsWork greener transportation into your lifestyleSave money by going greenEat locally and organicallyRaise your childrenOCOs environmental awarenessReduce waste by repairing, restoring, and reusingBecome a green consumerInvest in green companies for fun and profit

Complete with handy lists of things you can do to make a difference right away and down the road "Green Living For Dummies" is the resource you need to start taking steps toward shrinking your footprint." Like this book? Read online this: Black & Decker The Complete Guide to A Green Home, Living with Hepatitis C for Dummies.

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