Great Christmas Kidnapping Caper

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I owned a copy of this book as a child - EPUB a story of three mice that live in a dollhouse in Macy's, become friends with the Macy's Santa (well, he leaves them food - a standard animal-person relationship), and rescue him when he is kidnapped. Great Christmas Kidnapping Caper EPUB EBook I won't giveaway WHO kidnaps Santa in this review though - no need to spoil Christmas.As a kid, the combination of the storyline and a dollhouse -a important piece to a girl whose mom built her a dollhouse from a kit- was irresistable. Last summer, the good librarians at the Bellingham Public Library helped to locate the story for me. It lived up to my memory of it. Like this book? Read online this: The Story Of Santa Claus, Protocol for a Kidnapping.

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