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I haven't actually read this cover- EPUBto-cover; download; it's not the kind of book you sit down and just read. Graphic Artists Guild Handbook EPUB EBook But it IS a great resource for a freelance graphic designer. This gives an overview of good business practices, with standard forms at the back. That information could be found elsewhere, even online if you spend a little time researching. What I found the most helpful are the detailed descriptions of different kinds of projects, what each might entail, processes and procedures expected, and pricing based on levels of complexity and type of client.

While the handbook gives designers a great basic foundation for deciding on pricing, it is a little more directed at higher-end corporate projects and is less helpful for the kind of small business and personal jobs that I've been working on. That's the reason I gave it four instead of five stars.

Still, I'd recommend buying it. It's definitely a good investment to have all this information handy. Like this book? Read online this: Computer Pricing Practices, The Relic Guild (The Relic Guild #0.5).

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