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Granicus River was Alexander's first great victory over the Persians, where he demonstrated the heroic style of active and decisive leadership that was the hallmark of his career. Granicus 334BC EPUB EBook After assuming the throne of Macedonia in 336BC and consolidating his hold on mainland Greece, Alexander crossed the Hellespont to face the Persians at the steep banks of the Granicus.

In the initial engagement, Alexander's 5,000 cavalry, supported by archers and javelin men, routed a force of 20,000 Persian cavalry. Leading the charge, Alexander came close to death, narrowly missing having his head split in two, but eventually triumphed, allowing his infantry to massacre the Greek army, which was hired by the Persians.

This convincing victory was the springboard for the subjugation of the coastal cities, the neutralization of the Persian navy, and ultimately the conquest of the Persian Empire.

Exploring the courageous leadership of one of the world's most inspirational yet ruthless leaders, this book provides a detailed analysis of the battle, strategy, and tactics of the forces engaged. Like this book? Read online this: Alexander The Great, Understanding Social Exclusion.

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