Grandma's Cat

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In the story of a trip to Grandma's house, a young girl discovers the challenge of making a friend. Grandma's Cat EPUB EBook While following a cat in the garden, up a tree and up a staircase she finds that her aggressive approach is not the best path to take. After Grandma's wise words of reassurance and advice the little girl will try again to make a new friend. With gentle strokes, tasty treats and playful games the little girl will understand the patience it take to gain trust from a furry friend.

While the text is written from the point of view of the little girl, the reader experiences a change of perspective through the illustrations. The simple yet wonderful illustrations fill the entire page as they bring you into the world of the main character. The facial expressions from the main characters allow the reader to connect to the feelings of each character. These realistic drawings allow the reader to connect to the book at a high level through similar experiences the reader might have had. Like this book? Read online this: Superman's Girl Friend Lois Lane Archives, Vol. 1, Hello! Is That Grandma?.

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