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Beneath its deceptively simple search form, Google is a remarkably powerful and flexible search engine that indexes billions of web pages, handling more than 150 million searches a day. Google Pocket Guide EPUB EBook You know that what you're looking for must be in there somewhere, but how do you make Google work for you?

Crafted from our best- EPUBselling Google Hacks title, the Google Pocket Guide provides exactly the information you need to make your searches faster and more effective, right from the start. The Google Pocket Guide unleashes the power behind that blinking cursor by delivering:

A thorough but concise tour of Google's features Practical examples to inspire going beyond the basic keyword search Secrets for constructing more powerful queries using Google's special syntax Advice on how to understand and further refine the results Google provides
Whether you're a student researching a topic for class, a medical or legal professional needing field-specific reference information, or a home user looking for that article on home repair you forgot to bookmark, the Google Pocket Guide will take you from mystified to mastery. Like this book? Read online this: Go Google, Daycare Pocket Tax Guide.

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