Good Birders Don't Wear White

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Some of these essays were helpful. Good Birders Don't Wear White EPUB EBookSome were just trying to be funny, and most of the advice I'd already figured out for myself.I was a little surprised at a few of the behaviors recommended by these top birders, such as pishing, or "dialing up" a bird with an ipod.In my opinion birding should be as non- EPUBinvasive as possible and riling them up with calls represents an energy investment that they could otherwise use for foraging.If every birder engaged in those activities the birds would get no rest.Otherwise, the essay collection was well-organized along themes and was a nice light read.Also, it's a great introduction to the biggest players in the field, as well as chock-full of suggestions of other books to read to improve your skills as a birder. Like this book? Read online this: Tales Of A Low-rent Birder, Wear Your Life Well.

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