Going Below the Water's Edge

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"Have we been someone before? Is there a cycle to life that passes personality and society’s characteristics through the generations, much like our physical characteristics are passed by various chemical configurations?

What about many major religions that base their belief on reincarnation or past lives, and often times their leadership on someone’s presupposed link to the past? What about all those individuals claiming to have been someone before? What is the possibility that you have been someone before, and if so who? How does one find out about one’s own possibilities and one’s impact on today’s existence?

Many feel that meditation is the way to enter this world of deep inner knowledge and to bring awareness of this past cycle. Going Below the Water's Edge EPUB EBook Hypnosis has also been used to offer an abundance of examples to illustrate the possibility of our having been here before. To get past our immediate existence and regress through our birth to a world of spirits from the past is indeed an adventure, if such a world even exists.

Please join me now for a journey into an unseen world."

An actual journey into the mental workings of the mind. Seeking answer to past lives, reincarnation and the inner self. Explores through hypnosis the conscious and unconscious mind where the vast majority is hidden and not seen. Looks at a unique historical perspective. Thirteen leather bound papyrus volumes found in jars at a ruined tomb in Egypt. One such volume
refl download; ected Jesus Christ’s journey into the spirit world. Like this book? Read online this: Past Lives, Waiting at the Water's Edge.

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