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Give and Take is nothing less than an encyclopedia of negotiation — for both business and personal life. Give and Take EPUB EBook Anyone who must negotiate can employ the techniques found here to great advantage — whether the bargaining involves asking for a raise, hammering out a contract, selling goods and/or services, buying a house or a car, or resolving a conflict. These more than two hundred tactics and strategies — arranged alphabetically — represent the considerable knowledge and wisdom of Dr. Chester L. Karrass, the first and foremost modern student of negotiation. The Karrass organization gives almost one thousand seminars annually in North America, Europe, and Asia, making it the largest purveyor of negotiating training in the world. Forbes magazine describes the organization's client list as "a breed apart"; download; at General Electric, renowned for its in- EPUBhouse training programs, 90 percent of employees who took Karrass's course called it their most significant career training ever.

In Give and Take readers learn how to break a deadlock, handle objections, ask better questions, use time as a bargaining ally, and zero in on the other side's real goals. Readers also see the advantages and pitfalls of telephone negotiations and the vital need to set high aspirations. Not only that, Give and Take grapples with such emotional topics as how to handle irrational outbursts, how to deal with and deflect personal attacks (without derailing the negotiation), and how to win with kindness. In addition, the book warns against such devices as good cop/bad cop tactics, the bogey tactic, the hostage tactic, the escalation tactic, the "missing person" maneuver, phony offers, and spurious "take it or leave it" threats. Further points include the importance of planning ahead, gathering information, and making concessions that give away nothing. Give and Take is for anyone who wants to bring more power and knowledge to his or her everyday negotiations, both in business and in personal life. This is the one source for all the know-how needed.

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