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This book tells the story of the virtually unknown Konstantinovichi branch of the Romanov family - EPUB the descendents of Grand Duke Konstantin Nikolaievich (son of Tsar Nicholas I). Gilded Prism EPUB EBook Greg King and Penny Wilson are great biographers - their research is amazing (from the Russian archives to interviews with the living descendents) and so is their writing style.

No member of the family was ignored (which was surprising, because the book is not even 200 pages long) - from the patriarch Grand Duke Konstantin Nikolaievich, to his great-granddaughter Ekaterina Ivanovna, the last Romanov born in Russia before the Revolution (and still living today). Most of the book is dedicated to Grand Duke Konstantin Nikolaievich, but understandably - he's by far the most interesting man in the family and the one there's more information about. One of the most intelligent men in the Romanov family, Konstantin was a poet, writer, military man, father, proud Grand Duke and a man who hid a secret for more than a century. The book also has many of his poems, hidden in Soviet Archives for decades, and that had not been published before.

It was especially interesting to learn about the Romanovs that have been mainly ignored by history - such as wayward Grand Duke Nicholas Konstantinovich, most of Grand Duke Konstantin's children, Grand Duchess Vera Konstantinova. The amount of (unbiased!) information given about them is surprising, and even if they were not influential in the grand scheme of things, their stories give more background on the Romanovs and makes it easier to understand how the family worked between themselves.

I was also happily impressed that King & download; Wilson did not once forget about the Konstantinovichi and started talking about Nicholas & Alexandra or the Revolution. A nice change from many biographies on the Romanovs.

Finally, this book is a testament to the great men and women who lived fulfilling and interesting lives in Imperial Russia and outside of it, as well as to those who lost their lives (some, as Princes Ivan, Igor and Konstantin, in the most brutal and cruel Romanov murders by the Bolsheviks) to Communism and the Russian Revolution, and whose only sin was to be born a Romanov. Like this book? Read online this: The Life and Death of Ella Grand Duchess of Russia, Gender Through the Prism of Difference.

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