Gibraltar 1779–1783

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After Spain declared war against Britain on 21 June 1779, a siege by land and sea was deployed against Gibraltar. Gibraltar 1779–1783 EPUB EBook For four years the garrison of Governor Elliot was blockaded and starvation was never far away. Despite constant Spanish bombardment, the garrison maintained high spirits thanks to the resolute attitude of Elliot, who embodied all the virtues of steadfast resistance and defiance against the odds. Frustrated by failure, the Spanish called in French forces under the Duc de Crillon.The French built armoured battering ships, designed to be immune to British fire while they pulverized the defences, but this too failed to capture ‘the Rock’. The seige was finally broken in 1782, breaking too the Franco- EPUBSpanish spirit and was a prelude to the final British victory in February 1783. This book examines this fascinating siege and people involved in it. Like this book? Read online this: An Elementary Spanish Reader (Spanish Edition), Britain 1783-1918.

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