Getting Gabriel

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Romantic comedy. Getting Gabriel EPUB EBook When his childhood friend Alice barges into his bedroom in the middle of the night, in tears over men in general, Gabriel isn't sure what to think. When she confides in him her plan to "multi- EPUBdate" — to date as many men as womanly possible, in an effort to find that one gold nugget, he is determined to save Alice from herself. But through self-defense classes, stun-gun adventures and several disastrous dates, the two just might be falling in love...

“Men are scum!”

The vicious snarl turned a pleasant dream into something he thought might be a nightmare, but the accompanying slam of his bedroom door shot through his slumber and jerked him awake. He bolted upright, peering through the darkness at the intruder.

Maybe it was one of those dreams where you thought you were awake, until something too terrible even for reality in the modern-day world happened?

He braced himself for the worst.

Then the light flipped on and he squeezed his eyes shut against the sudden brilliance. He really should get a shade for that bulb one of those days. It might help his love life too. He had a feeling many women might have something against a 90-watt light bulb hanging directly over a bed.

He pried his eyes open again, one after the other, and located the bad dream, pacing back and forth, not even looking at him.

Alice. Of course, Alice. His usual nightmare. Who else? Like this book? Read online this: For the Love of Alice, Gabriel's Bride.

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