Getting A Grip

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I'm angry, got a problem with that? Maybe we do!A In his highly popular book, The Heart of Anger, author/counselor Lou Priolo tackled the tough problem of anger in young children; download; its causes and cures. Getting A Grip EPUB EBookANow, Priolo uses his years of experience and considerable skills in defusing anger in teenagers. This is a break- EPUBthrough book designed for teenagers.AIt is meant to be read by teenagers.ABut Mom and Dad don't worry:AWe want you to read it, too!ASure to be a classic, this book will put your life back on a God-glorifying track! Like this book? Read online this: Emotional Intelligence And Understanding Feelings For Youths - The Simple Guide Towards Developing Positive Emotions FOr Children And Teenagers, The Grip of Grace.

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