Gay Erotica, Volume 2

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PIRATED by Emerson Morris
‘Jolly’ Roger Doyle was a fading silver screen swashbuckler, Adam Kidd his up- EPUBand-coming rival in pirate pics. Gay Erotica, Volume 2 EPUB EBook But on this high-seas set, the old scallywag still had a few tricks up his puffy sleeves, and pants . . .
To write convincingly, an author must know his subject well; download; better still, live the part. When Zac researched his new storyline, he had no idea just how life-changing that would turn out to be.
HORSE COCKED by Landon Dixon
He was a stud in spurs. But this lean, silver-haired cowman was rustlin’ up more than just love . . .
CLICK! by G. R. Richards
Barry’s never taken part in a photo-shoot before, but he’s been working out all summer and for the first time in his life he feels proud about his body. He should have known by Paul’s cryptic online ad for an inexperienced model that there might be something odd about this shoot. Maybe he hoped there would be. Maybe he wanted to take off all his clothes in front of a photographer, a camera, and every car on a highway onramp . . . Like this book? Read online this: Naomi Grim, part 2 (The Silver Scythe Chronicles, #1), Lesbian Erotica, Volume 7.

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