Games to Play with Babies

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I highly recommend getting a book like this one, but not necessarily this one. Games to Play with Babies EPUB EBook I love reading through the different activities you can do with a baby, especially a newborn/infant. Oftentimes, you just sit around thinking, "Should we be playing at something?" The book has a lot of good suggestions, and I love that it is divided into three month sections with different activities for each stage of babyhood. However, I found a lot of the games were repetitive. Playing with the babies fingers and toes is repeated over and over in the 0- EPUB3 month sections. Some also require craft skills, like constructing noise makers or textured gloves or cardboard picture cut-outs, which can be tricky to do while entertaining that same baby for whom you are making these crafts. My advice, shop around for a similar book, but not necessarily this one. Like this book? Read online this: The Best Homemade Baby Food for Your 8-9 Month Old, Games Companies Play.

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