Gaia and the Fate of Midas

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GAIA shares the destiny of a living and now suffering Earth. Gaia and the Fate of Midas EPUB EBook ANIMA mundi, her myth embodies; download; it is the self- EPUBregulating and self-organizing flow of energy between the Sun and Moon and Earth's elemental surface and subterrain, oceans and atmosphere, together supporting the planet's species. ENERGY, the vibrant energy that surges through her biosphere is being blocked, though, coming under attack from our species' greed-driven promotion and acceptance of technology that unrelentingly destroys the conditions supporting and sustaining life. WEALTH accumulation in the name of progress is as if the legendary touch of Midas today transforms Earth's creations into lifeless forms, accelerating entropy and the global approach to disclimax. EXISTENCE itself is being pushed by our species towards the vanishing point. War over resources food, oil, water, land and fouling of the environment, pandemics, and technological nostrums hasten the day. FAILSAFE points have been passed: this study offers a broad, new look at the possibility that our planet has reached the final moment of no return." Like this book? Read online this: Ultimate Attack (Killer Species, #4), King Midas.

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