Full House (Jake Samson, #3)

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The THIRD action- EPUBpacked tale in the witty Jake Samson series. Full House (Jake Samson, #3) EPUB EBook

Breathtaking action is offset by the wise-cracking Jake and Rosie. The tension will keep you reading all night long. Compelling characterization by Singer makes this series a must-read, with authentic details and witty dialogue.” -Mystery Time

“Jake remains his loyal, intelligent and quirky self, which is plenty to rejoice about.” -Contra Costa Times


An ark in the middle of suburban Oakland was interesting but not strange by California standards. Even one built by peaceful cultists preparing for the coming flood. Until sometime private eye Jake Samson is hired to find Noah, their leader, who has disappeared with a lovely devotee and a quarter million in cash. The cult suspects foul play. The police aren’t convinced.

As Jake and his carpenter sidekick, Rosie, trail the wealthy visionary from a health-food factory in Sonoma to a casino in Tahoe, thugs, drugs and the murdered body of Noah’s attractive assistant add up to a lot less than a biblical tale. And Jake's got a gut feeling the floodgates are just the beginning to open. Like this book? Read online this: Strong Verbs Strong Voice, Full House, Volume 15.

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