From Flying Toads to Snakes with Wings

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Behind the somewhat childish cover of this book lies a serious and interesting collection of essays on lesser known animals of cyptozoological interest. From Flying Toads to Snakes with Wings EPUB EBook Far from being a sensationalist study of reported sightings from around the world, Dr. Shuker examines such reports with clarity and intelligence. Often he offers alternative explanations for the monsters that are sighted - EPUB a few mysteries are even solved by him in the pages of this book. This would definitely be a good book for convincing skeptics of the validity of cryptozoology. It also conveys an important message - we should start taking cryptozoological claims more seriously or risk missing out on major scientific discoveries.

My only complaint about the book would be the accompanying illustrations and photographs. Often the illustrations would be redundant (such as a phtograph of a sea monster ornament), where in other places where photographsof strange animals are specifically mentioned as having been taken, they do not appear in the book. Like this book? Read online this: Art Nouveau Illustrations CD-ROM and Book, Amazing Frogs and Toads.

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