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I read an interview with CH saying she had started this book, got off an tangent, and realized she'd finished the book not just the tangent. From Dead to Worse EPUB EBookThis book has that feel... like it's really just 3 or 4 tangents and not a fully developed, interwoven novel.CH is an amazing author so I don't fault her.I chalk it up to this is the 8th book in a series of first person narrative that has gotten so complex with so many overlapping story- EPUBlines, it was bound to happen.This is, to me, a wrap-up book.Too many subplots have been left loose for too long.In order to move on to bigger and better things, these loose ends needed tying up.

Loose End #1 aka the Were War

My heart hurt every time a new Were died.It was HP7 all over again, but instead of Hedwig, Dobby, and Fred, it was Maria-Star, Christine Larrabee, and Amanda.Did CH realize she had far too many characters to for readers to keep up with, and some weeding needed to occur in order to introduce more characters?I’m keeping that theory because it works so well for happens later on.I have mixed feelings about Alcide as the new pack leader, but Sookie seemed to think he’d grown up a bit.Loss will do that to a person (Dad, girlfriends, packmates, etc).I was mildly disappointed Patrick Furnan was erased as a viable threat to Sookie so quickly and easily.A little deus ex machina, but whatever.This is a subplot I’m only mildly interested in anymore.

Loose End #2 aka the Vamp War

GAH!I loved Sophie-Anne.I wanted her to go down in a blaze of glory, not an afterthought or just a package delivered safely by lawyers to be poorly defended by Andre the giant.Where was Mr. Cataliades throughout all this?Did he go down with queen?Or save his own ass when the getting was good?Hmmm…

CH seems to want us to remember why Sookie should not be eloping with Quinn right this minute.All these sexual thoughts about the ever present Eric, and Bill being super sweet and available (good-bye Selah. No one will miss you or Portia).And Eric’s memories magically returned?(Har har).More sudden fortune or absurdly good timing?

I was completely in dire straits with Eric over the hostile takeover.LOVE that Pam.In light of finally meeting Felipe Castro, it seems like a good decision.I only say that b/c it all worked all well for Sookie.

Loose End #3 aka What happened to Quinn?

My heart completely jumped out of chest, ran down the road, and began kicking the shite out of this completely two-faced, blind main character who has lost all her good sense and ability to see the world clearly.She realizes she’s being selfish by wanting to be someone’s number #1, yet she tells Jason never to contact her again b/c of his selfishness?And who is this person who’s been bemoaning her lack of family for 7 books now coming down on someone else, who also has very little family, needing to be there for them?She even thinks her reasoning is faulty when she chooses what to say to Frannie and Mrs. Quinn.Sookie used to be great at self-evaluation and changing her mind when she was wrong.What happened?She does not know that he would always choose them above her.In real life, they’d compromise and make it work.She would be a huge help to him, and they would all be a big family.The Sookie of book 1 would know that.Sookie of book 8 has had too much vampire exposure and near-death experiences to understand ordinary life anymore.I’ve always been on Sookie’s side no matter what, her cheerleader through and through, but she’s about lost me on this one.It’s blind and stupid beyond belief.

The only explanation that makes any sense to me is that happy, settled characters tend to end the series.Sookie can’t be happy in a relationship or there’d be nothing more to write about.She has to be conflicted and guy-hopping in order to maintain the sexual conflict of the books.Honestly, if CH wanted Quinn out of the picture, I would have preferred they get married and Bill/Eric kills him.That would have made more sense.My prediction: Sookie will realize her horrid mistake just in time for Quinn to die in her arms at a later date.She’s too smart to let this stupidity go on forever, but it will cost her.

On a brighter note, all this off stage action happening with Quinn has given me FABULOUS material for my Quinn perspective writings here and on MySpace. :)

Loose End #4 aka Family business, to be continued.

Hi Grandpa!How are you related to my sexually molesting uncle again?Oh how convenient Claudine and Claude are my cousins!Errrrr. Wonder if Niall knows about Hunter?That will be interesting.He might since Sookie pointed Remy out to him.I doubt Niall wouldn’t investigate this person I’m looking up for g-granddaughter.Hmm, I predict a flash flood coming for Remy and Kristine.Enemies of Niall again perhaps?

Who’ve I left out?Sam of course! Always discounted but coming in big to save the day in the Were war and playing a bit part in the Vamp war.I don’t see the Sandra/Tanya angle being dismissed so easily.Sandra is a witch too, if I recall.Time for a little love spell for Sam?And all the attention to Dawson was a little odd; download; he’s a little too similar a character to Quinn for me.And what’s with every single time the man speaks, “that’s practically a speech from Dawson.” We get he’s isn’t loquacious!Good lord.Simon R. Green, get out of my Sookie books.

All in all, this book packed a punch.I’m uber disappointed in the resolution of Quinn’s character.I don’t think Eric or Bill or even Sam is good enough for Sookie.She likes the nookie, but she won’t settle.Quinn was nigh on perfect and she turned it down.She’s self-destructive.I’ll give this to CH. MUST READ MORE! Write faster lady!
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