From Billabong to London (Billabong, #4)

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Re- EPUBreading From Billabong to London, I am struck afresh by the interesting structure and build of the books in this series. From Billabong to London (Billabong, #4) EPUB EBook Episodic in nature, and with only a loosely hanging overarcing plotline, the books tend to be very... anecdotal. Nearly always beginning (obviously aside from the volumes set overseas) with a gentle depiction of life at Billabong station, followed by a few chapters concerning specific events in station life, such as a servants' ball, a muster of stock etc., the books usually have some excitement/danger/suspense just before the halfway mark. Examples include snake-bite, attempted horsetheft, housefire, and so on. After the excitement at this point, which is often spread out over a few diverse episodes, the book usually settles down again for a little while - before the extremely dramatic events of the finale - none of which will I spoil for you!
From Billabong to London has many gripping moments - which I believe make up for some duller passages. (The book is set on board an ocean liner - there are bound to be fewer exciting moments, WWI notwithstanding.) Two people whom I have tried to interest in the series both tossed in the towel about halfway through this book. A real shame, for the last few chapters are quite exciting! Like this book? Read online this: Books and the World (Center for the Book Viewpoint Series, 22), London Under.

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