Friends In The Right Places (The Administration, #5.4)

EPUB EBook by Manna Francis

EBook Description

Manna Francis once again surprised, seduced, and enchanted me by showing a different look at Toreth and his world. Friends In The Right Places (The Administration, #5.4) EPUB EBookWe all tend to look at people, actions, and life with our own set of ideals and vision.But it will never cease to amaze me how one book, word, person or event can be seen in so many ways.How I see Toreth is not necessarily how you will see him.But come on, how can you not love Toreth?; download; )

Friends In The Right Places is told by Greg, a political “resister” Toreth picks up to interrogate.We get to see Toreth and I&I from the other side of the glass, in cuffs, shaking, scared, and willing to say anything.Very cold, brutal view with smells and sounds jumping off the page at me.

This felt like a slap to the face!A reminder of who Toreth is at work. A reminder of what he does, witnesses, and accepts.A brutal, ugly layer of Toreth that we can not forget—should not. Gives me the chills to see this side of him and remember his emotion and warmth with Warrick.

I found myself wondering—- EPUBCould I fuck him and not his job?How does Warrick do it?

Brilliant point of view switch that brought me back down to Earth.

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